Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspiration on the Pier 94 Docks

Art is everywhere. It’s in everything. It’s in everyone. It just depends on how you look and where you find your inspiration. We found ours last weekend at the Armory Show in New York City, the modern and contemporary art fair held on Pier 94. This year’s event brought dealers, gallerists and artists from around the world working in every conceivable medium into one huge space. One particular artist that caught our attention was Phoebe Washburn, a 38-year-old New York based artist. On display were sculptures of jars filled with pickles and oranges and a Gatorade bottle surrounded by colorful rocks with a green tube sprouting from its lid. It was also unexpected; it just made us stop and gawk. It seemed so random, yet everything was so clever and it all fit in its rightful place. Almost like a family standing there shoulder to shoulder, and you can tell from their body language that they don’t quite fit together, there have been fights, divorces, ups and down, and yet they still are at home, together, because, well, they’re family. The imperfection was simply perfect.

Other works we loved were Gabriele Basilico’s “Bums” photos – wherein the backsaide of a sitter is left with an imprint from a chair. Clearly this woman has a wicked sense of humor. Peter Liversidge’s “Winter Drawing” was so simple and so complex all at the same time. It totally took us in. Also simple, but oh so languidly dreamy were Callum Innes’s four watercolors on square pieces of paper. The colors reminded us of an Ocean Beach sunset.

The work was all so amazing, from the wacky to the profane to the just plain beautiful, it makes you just love humanity. Doesn’t it? Okay, we’ve just inspired ourselves. Back to creating some new looks for summer!

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