Tuesday, April 19, 2011


No doubt about it, The Coachella Music Festival is the best and most anticipated music festival in the country. Each April, over 75,000 festival goers make their way to Indio, CA, a tiny town in the desert best known for its proximity to Palm Springs as well as being the home of this celebrated music festival. Three days of music in the blistering sun with a beer in hand…is there a better way to kick off the summer?

Once again this year, some of the best bands and musicians gathered on six different stages scattered on a polo field smattered with palm trees, floating balloons and one very large ferris wheel. Hats off to headliners Arcade Fire, who brought the house down into the late-night hours, permanent smiles across their faces staring into the mass of adoring fans. Other notable triumphs include Cut Copy, The Chemical Brothers, Foster the People, Yelle, Two Door Cinema Club, and Crystal Castles. Crystal Castles lead singer Alice Glass actually had a broken foot, which didn’t stop her at all from putting on an amazingly energetic performance in true Coachella spirit.

Besides the music, the other aspect of the festival we love is the fashion. In one place over three days, only the most hardcore music aficionados gather to party, dance and sing. During the day, girls don their finest and meticulously crafted ensembles, from floaty bohemian frocks to the totally rad get-ups. More often than not, they are dressed in as little as humanly possible, being that it hits upwards of 90 degrees. Gladiator sandals, jean shorts, feathers in the hair, layered jewelry, and leather belts are popular choice, and of course, the ubiquitous sunglasses. Boys tend toward sneakers, shorts, a backpack, and some form of hat, either trucker or fedora. All in all, it truly is a weekend of diverse fashion where individual style takes center stage.

As the weekend winds down, there is an unheard collective sigh, as festival goers realize they will soon have to leave the magical desert oasis they have called home for the past three days. Alas, there will always be next year…

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ty Milford's Photography

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they answer the simple question: Is the glass half full or half empty? When you look at Ty Milford's photography, there's no doubt how he'd answer that question.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Ty's photography is full of life, vitatlity, joy, and simplicity, which is probably a lot of the reason we love working with him, and why so many people comment on how much they adore his work. Each of his images captures a moment, a ray of sun, the shimmering ocean; there is beauty in everything he chooses to document (including our clothes!). His images just feel so inviting, so comfortable in themselves, like you're walking down an open, empty beach, the sun is low in the sky, and the ocean is beckoning you to dive in. It's all color, playfulness, spontaneousness - all the kinds of things we strive to catch in the lines we create every season.

His website showcases photo after photo of the brighter side of life, where as Ty puts it best, "Black is not a part of my color pallet, and a rainstorm is something that you use as an excuse to steal a kiss under an umbrella."


Here are a few of his best shots he’s captured through the last 5 years for us. Enjoy.