Monday, August 30, 2010

Christie Glissmeyer and the 82-Foot Drop In

I don’t mean to keep bragging about our awesome athletes…But, when I saw this picture of our girl Christie Glissmayer dropping in an 82’ waterfall at Metlako Falls in Oregon, I about lost it. Frankly, I think she’s absolutely nuts (in the absolute best way), but the fact that this woman has the guts to do this is astounding. She set the women’s world record!

All of us here at Carve Designs are in total awe of her and think she is just beyond anything we can imagine. Christie travels in a pack of other equally tubular women called the Femme 45. The three of them go all over the place navigating wild rivers and kayaking gnarly drops. Check out this recent article on Christie and her girls.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Outside Lands

I know Outside Lands Festival was almost two weeks ago now but I am still reeling from how great it was. Of course it was grey and cold but I almost felt like the weather gave it a raw, rootsy feeling. Still there were tons of people out and even some Carve Designs sightings on Men! We attended both days and I have to say that the Strokes were amazing Saturday night and Phoenix on Sunday was a highlight. Check out the pics below. Some fashion shots, some random, some kids and a little video to show the energy. I look forward to next year, and even though the sun wasn’t out the music was a nice reprieve to the dull summer we’ve been having.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're Back from Salt Lake City

We just got back from the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. Usually these trade shows wear on us but I have to say this one was our best yet. We had a killer booth in a great location. We hired models to cruise around in our threads, a surfboard raffle with an eco board from Entropy, and we launched the newest part of our line, “Balance by Carve Designs”. We have created some comfortable movement wear that looks good in and out of the exercise studio. So there was a lot going on but we have a great team over here so we were able to pull it all of with some style. We had three showing stations this year so it made it easier for our stellar reps to show the line and not feel too stressed about incoming traffic. We designed a swim wall to show all our newest styles and a “retail” section that let passersby and PR people cruise the line without having to sit down. Here is a sneak peak at what we are offering, a view into the backside of the retail world and fun candid shots (taken by our loved photographer Chris Bezamat) of the party we had to celebrate the new “Balance” line. I hope you get as excited as we are for next summer!