Monday, August 30, 2010

Christie Glissmeyer and the 82-Foot Drop In

I don’t mean to keep bragging about our awesome athletes…But, when I saw this picture of our girl Christie Glissmayer dropping in an 82’ waterfall at Metlako Falls in Oregon, I about lost it. Frankly, I think she’s absolutely nuts (in the absolute best way), but the fact that this woman has the guts to do this is astounding. She set the women’s world record!

All of us here at Carve Designs are in total awe of her and think she is just beyond anything we can imagine. Christie travels in a pack of other equally tubular women called the Femme 45. The three of them go all over the place navigating wild rivers and kayaking gnarly drops. Check out this recent article on Christie and her girls.

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