Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fellow Surfer and Artist Leigh McCarthy

Our love of water runs deep here at Carve Designs and it is something that inspires us on every level. We have come across an artist whose passion for the water is the same as ours. She is based here in San Francisco and is a fellow surfer. I think why we love her work so much is that despite being a southern California girl, she has strong ties to the east coast which is evident in her art. And since we are originally from the east coast we feel a strong connection to her work. Her name is Leigh McCarthy and she is one talented woman. She just had a show on Nantucket, MASS that was hugely successful. The theme to her show was “Shipwrecks” and it seemed appropriate with the hurricane weather that encompassed the eastern seaboard this past weekend. Check out her work that was on display. I proudly bought “Run Aground” and am so excited to hang it up on my wall. It seems like the mood evoked in it matches how we were feeling all summer here in SF- a little smashed up because the weather was so dreadful. She also has a Website with more of her creations and where she will be exhibiting next. We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.

For more about Leigh's work, visit her Website.

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  1. Beautiful work and such a talented woman. Everyone should check out Leigh's amazing pieces (and buy some for yourself!!!).