Friday, April 16, 2010

Where is Spring?

So spring is suppose to be here, but I am not sure where it is. It's still a little chilly and rainy here. The silver lining is that the skiing in Tahoe is pretty sweet, which reminds me of my recent ski trip to Switzerland, a must do for all skiers.

The trip began in Ports Du Soleil, the largest ski resort in Europe boasting lifts connecting 12 mountains. Yes, that's TWELVE. We skied from Switzerland to France mostly off piste. It was incredible. The mountains in Switzerland are vast and stellar. Skiing out of bounds is the norm so peeps (a beacon, not the marshmellow candy) are a must.

We stayed at this quaint, very swiss hotel that had the most scrumptious chocolate cake.

We hopped the train to Verbier, where all the Brits go. It’s very swank, but in an understated sort of way. We stayed at a gorgeous condo at the base within walking distance of town and the lifts.

The best part is that ski tickets are half the price in Europe than here, which is mind boggling because the skiing is twice as good. I don’t think we ever skiied a groomer once while we were there.

Lastly, we hit Super Saint Bernard, which was by far the most epic spot to ski. It’s one gondola ride to the top. There is no bombing there so you ski at your own risk with your peeps on, shovel and probe in your backpack. The skiing here is powder all day long. One run takes 45 minutes, so probably a good idea to get in shape before you go. This resort was like those old east coast resorts back in the 70’s- nothing but an A-frame with soup and bread- in this case sausage and pretzels. There is no lodging here so we stayed in Martigney which is a great spot to access a ton of ski resorts. We had the most amazing meal at La Vache Qui Vole. Very Swiss/French, amazing ambiance, incredible wine selection and of course amazing chocolate cake.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome Back, Friend

The longer days and warmer weather remind me of childhood and I feel myself gravitating towards my younger days. I grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s when hippies were around and a more natural way of life was more prominent. The lifestyle of the 90's was so far from hippie, that I even began to question my love affair. And then, I noticed that softer fabrics and colors seem to be making them way back into mainstream. And that's when I saw it, my old friend, one that I welcome back with open arms: Tie Dye.

I used to spend hours upon hours at summer camp tie dying t’shirts, shorts, shoes, etc. It appealed to my creative side, as well as my hippie side. Then it went out and anyone caught in it was considered a “dirty hippie” – Well my friends, it's back and coming in all different forms. OK, today's version doesn't inspire the same feeling that you're in a parking lot about to see a Grateful Dead show, but it's not that different. And yet, it's totally mainstream. Check out Glamour's most wearable 2010 trends in case you doubt me.

And, the original trend is inspiring prints and patterns in all forms and sizes. I've let it inspire watercolor plaids, stripes and a bit of splatter paint in our Fall 2010 collection.

And, there are some people doing a great job of it this spring. Blumarine’s Spring 10 line has beautiful tie dye tops, dresses, coverups and bags to match.

In case you were never a fan of tie dye, I'd brace yourself and get used to it, 'cause it's here to stay for a little while. And, I, for one, am going to enjoy it!