Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Santa Cruz

We are in the midst of our national sales meeting this week. We're prepping our sales reps on the 2012 spring line down in Santa Cruz. Thankfully, we have had time to fit in a little surfing. Our reps are from all over the country, some live in landlocked areas or far away from the beach. But that didn't stop them from taking a lesson from big wave surfer, Tyler Fox from These women now have some serious bragging rights! They braved nor cal surf conditions, wind, cold, grey skies, and actually ripped up the water at beer can beach. I gotta say, these women are bad ass and we think you will agree.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There was a lot going on in the world the past week: royal weddings, Southern hurricanes, Bin Laden’s death, Hawaii released Obama’s birth certificate, the White House Correspondents dinner. And while this was all happening, we didn’t take much notice as we were immersed in the wilds of Tola, Nicaragua shooting our Spring 2012 line on the beach of Playa Iguana. We chose this spot because the stretch of beach is not only famous for its dramatic views, but also for its great surf.

When we arrived, it was beyond hot, but the combination of the bright sun, warm air and temperate water made this ideal location to shoot our new collection. It’s rustic, foreign and yet inviting, and not only did we get to spend our days working in this amazing spot, at the end of the day (well, sometimes in the middle, to0) we got out in the water and cooled off after a day of work with a long, sweet ride.

Our Carve team is ever-growing, and we feel so blessed to be able to work with such dedicated, passionate, energetic, and fun people. Down on the shoot with us was our art director Kiley Hertel from HMNGBRD working alongside our new camera team of photographer Chris Bezamat and videographer Kina Pickett. They do amazing work that truly captures the spirit of our brand. Our long-time stylist and producer Carlee Bewick was also on hand as was hair and makeup guru Chris McDonald. Everyone worked tirelessly along with our talented talent, Kelsey Gallegos, Katherine Carter and Hailey Partridge, who are all surfers, models and all-around fabulous ladies, to capture the atmospheric, nostalgic, feminine look and feel of the spring line.

So here’s a behind-the-scenes look at not just what goes into a Carve shoot, but a look at the people who make Carve what it is.