Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Crop is Back

It seems everywhere I look the crop top is back and we love it. At first I was really scared. This is a style that doesn’t look great on everyone. Thankfully it’s not too short and it’s easily layered on top of a tank. Here are a few styles that work for us and pretty much all can sport.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're Back!

Sorry about the radio silence these last few months, we have been busy working, photoshooting, skiing, having babies and traveling. Now that the rush of the end of year and holidays have passed, we can get back to normal…so, I’m back.

I have lived in San Francisco for almost 10 years now, and what I love the most about the city is that its constantly changing and growing. I live in the outer Richmond, right at Ocean Beach. If you don’t know it, it’s SF’s best beach. It spans for miles right, abuts the city and the Pacific Ocean.

For years, I have thought that my side of the park far outpaced the sunset side. Lately though, this is not the case. I have been house bound recently (just had a baby and trying to get him used to the world), when the holidays crept upon me, and I had not one gift. The mere thought of going downtown to shop made me sick and who wants to battle the crowds on December 23rd!?

I’d heard talk of a cool little hood that was developing on the “other side” of the park (Outer Sunset for non-residents). So, I walked over to check it out and visited some of the best kept secrets in the city. My first stop was Mollusk Surf Shop, the coolest surf shop in SF ) to get some cool tee’s and hats for all the men in my life when I discovered an amazing little jewelry shop next door called “The Last Straw” (415.566.4692). I literally found jewelry and stocking stuffers for friends, moms and grandmothers. This store is filled with hand made gifts and decorations that would make anyone happy. Then, I grabbed a bite at Outerlands, just about a block away. They make by far the best grilled cheese sandwich in the city. Their supplies are all organic and local, and the vibe is surfer meets hipster. Next, I popped over to Trouble for some strong coffee and a killer chocolate chip cookie. And finally to The General Store for some more shopping. This has to be one of my greatest finds in SF thus far. The owner stocks cool art, modern gifts and vintage clothing.

Talk about a great day. I felt great about supporting the local community and artisans (mostly everything I purchased had been made locally). On top of it, I found some of the most interesting trinkets ever. And the best part? TI was only a 20 min walk from my house.