Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3-Day Weekends and What to Pack

Give us 3 days, a carry-on suitcase and a sunny, warm destination and we’ll take care of your “what to wear” dilemma.

Those last minute trips that come together on Thursday night? For sure, they’re the best. Who knows if it’s the spontaneous dash to meet your friends, taking only what you need….or just the fun of getting away last minute – but we love spontaneous 3-day weekends.

Sometimes during the winter, a quick fix of sun and warm, turquoise water is all you need to get by.

If you ask us, 3-day weekends rock. But the packing part --- well sometimes that’s trickier. Especially when it’s 3pm on Friday and you’re still not packed. The wardrobe question can turn the best of us, and our closets, upside down. Believe us, we get it.

So here are our best, most versatile picks for last-minute spring getaways.

1) The Sunshine V-neck dress: 100% certified organic cotton – perfect for a beach coverup, the taco stand or even restaurants with a view.

2) The fitted, feminine Dellis Tank: organic cotton and ideal match for board shorts or your bikini bottom.

3) And what would spring be without a hoodie? The Paris Hoodie is made of a super soft fabric, with a relaxed fit, it’s perfect for anything.

Fret not, we gotcha covered (and looking beautiful, natural and relaxed). As they say, the essentials are all you really need.

Is it the weekend yet? Till next time…

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring 2010 Collection is Here

We think inspiration comes when you least expect it. Like when riding a wave you wish you’d been the first to find. Or in the solitude of a quiet ride home.You could say we’re pretty fond of daydreaming. After all, some of the most creative ideas come out of it, especially in the middle of drizzly, dreary February. And this winter, it’s inspired a Spring 2010 Collection that’s Carve’s best yet: with huge splashes of color, vibrant energy and a beautiful ease that just says summer.

So just for a few minutes, indulge. Take a few minutes and dream a little. After all, summer—sweet languid summer—is just around the corner. In the meantime, we highly recommend a few things to bust through the blahs: enter our $1000 Beach Wardrobe Giveaway and check out the gorgeous designs and feminine silhouettes that bring summer just one step closer.

Here’s to wanderlust, and dreaming big.

Enjoy the ride.