Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot about what we do that we love. But one of the great joys of creation is seeing our concepts turn into fully realized executions. Every season, for each line, everything comes together in one room at one time during the photo shoot. It’s in this one place that everyone in the Carve family comes together and makes our ideas a reality.

We,the creative team,dream up the pieces and then seek the help of Kiley Hertel (www.hmngbrd.com), who’s been with us since the beginning, to art direct our visions. He synthesizes what’s come together and ensures that our look is in harmony with the feel of what we’re after. At the shoot, he works with Carlee Bewick, our very own stylist, to get that vision just right on our beloved Kat Carter, our model from Mill Valley, who also happens to be a kick ass surfer and artist. Our indefatigable photographer Erin Kunkel (www.erinkunkel.com), also a surfer extraordinaire, then brings this vision to print, or the screen as the case may be. She always manages to “Carve” pieces on the models in just the right way, in just the right light at just the right moment. The results are stunning.

A few of our favorite pieces this spring are the Monaco skirt, Bali bikini and Phoenix jacket. The skirt and jacket are designed a bit elongated and cropped respectively. Fresh takes on old standards. And, the bikini is just damn sexy.

Tune in below! We hope you enjoy watching the creation in process as much as we enjoy the process of creation.

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