Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Girl Named Stevie

There were a lot of sartorial take aways from the 1970's: the Dorothy Hamill spin-bob, the Princess Leia space age Arab-bikini number, the Nike swoosh, bellbottoms-but no one epitomized the effortless glamour of that time better than Stevie Nicks. For the uninitiated, she was one of the five members of Fleetwood Mac, one of the supergroups of the 70s. She was a gypsy queen, a Laurel Canyon bohemian adorned with an "Oh, this old thing?" casualness.

The chic, flowing beach style of Stevie and the California 70s are back in a big way this spring. Old standards like ankle-length dresses and skirts, high-waisted jeans, Baja pullovers, and wedge sandals inspired our spring line. To us, nothing screams sexy like feeling comfortable, and so we designed a maxi dress, a wide brim sun hat, cut off skirts and peasant style tees with this ethos in mind-think California Dreamin' with a modern twist.

Pair our pieces up with big hoop earrings, a wristful of bangly bracelets and oversized sunglasses, and you'll be good from morning 'til night.

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