Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Danny Hess is All Aboard

We worked with Danny Hess, a local artist and surfboarder, because he designed a weight and height-specific surfboard for Haley Mills, the winner of Title Nine’s “Make A Splash Photo Contest.” Since, we have come to love his work so much - between the personalized nature of the shaping to the look ethos behind his boards. Danny is like an artisanal shaper. Each board is like a work of art that ‘s meant to be ridden. And hard. He uses recyclable and sustainable materials in every single board, including Cork, Amapola and Poplar–which don’t fatigue or break down the way foam can, thus ensuring a longer lifespan of your board.

And this is precisely the reason Danny was the only person we thought of to collaborate with on our raffle this summer. His Kunkle Fish board, cut to produce endless down the line speed, glide and trim, will be designed with Carve fabrics and auctioned off to benefit the Save The Waves foundation here in San Francisco.

Stay tuned for more on the raffle. For more on Danny, check out his Website.

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