Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Travels to Troncones

Here at Carve Designs we have another successful photo shoot under our belts! For our spring 2013 line, we went down to the beautiful beachside village of Troncones, Mexico. We were blessed with amazing weather, a stunning house steps away from the beach, great food, and most importantly, the best crew around! Thanks to everyone who made this shoot a success! Take a peak to see what goes on ‘behind the scenes”:


  1. Ahhhh, Troncones! You've brought back great memories of surfing El Rancho and Saladitas. Best shrimp tacos I've ever eaten, and did you try the mole burger at Manzanillo Bay? Now I wanna go back, thanks for the teaser : )

  2. Nice snaps:)Quite an astonishing place for photo shoot...Troncones!!All it comes to my mind while thinking about this place is surfing. Ohh..you have to take hard lefts,rights of a point(The Ranch).I must say a place was their known as "The Wave Machine" with never ending lefts(La Saladita).All I remember I was shouting "Wooo" while surfing through the waves and taking turns.The Beach,The Waves!!!What can i say?
    Troncones- CASA DE LA SIRENA Or "House Of The Mermaid".