Monday, November 7, 2011

Ripped For Some Pro Curl

For those of us who surf the Bay Area, Ocean Beach is one of the gnarliest breaks around. The waves can be a mess, the currents brutal and not to mention the water is freezing. But on good days, it can be glorious, utter perfection. People who don’t live here don’t really believe it. So we think this is perhaps the reason the ASP and Rip Curl Pro Search chose Ocean Beach as the host site and 10th event of their world tour. It’s been going on for the past week and Ocean Beach hasn’t disappointed. With Sunny skies, offshore winds, overhead waves, and big barrels the action certainly has been exciting. Kelly Slater even cinched the world title on Sunday when the wind was howling and the surf was less than perfect. I haven’t seen that many people out at the beach ever. We have a low key surf community in San Francisco and honestly, we like it that way. But it was a nice change to have people all over the place, creating a buzz.

Check out some of the photos we got this week. And hope that you were able to get out there and surf a little too.

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