Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Magic 8 Booth

If one's a lonely number, and two's a crowd, three's company, there's four on the floor, and five and dimes, can be six ways to Sunday, even with a seven year itch, then what is eight?

Eight is the number of years Carve has been in business. We can’t believe it ourselves, because it seems like yesterday that we set out to create a line of surf and beach wear for sophisticated women. Looking back on the past eight years, we realized we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams and feel like everything is just now really come together: the vision, the brand, our partnerships, and our customers.

Though not being the type of women who are content to sit around and rest on our laurels, we thought now was time to change up our look at the trade show this year and make a change. So we rethought our booth concept and decided to create an environment that felt like a beach house, like the kind of place youd want to sink into and relax in after a long day surfing or lounging in the sand. With the help of some crafty friends, the booth got a facelift and was a truly relaxed and comfortable environment in which everyone felt welcome. We had a successful sample sale, Carve surf board raffle, and our appointments were booked solid.

We have loved every minute of the past eight years, working together to actualize the vision we had, creating unique designs and developing amazing relationships. And, looking back at where we’ve been and thinking about where we’re going, we wanted to express our gratitude toward everyone who’s been a part of Carve, and we look forward to working with you all for another eight years. And another eight years after that.

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