Monday, October 11, 2010

Ode to Patti Bewick

Patti, you don’t know us over here at Carve Designs, but you are a bit of a legend. We have learned so much from you this year and you don’t even know it. Your little tidbits have taken wrinkles out of my clothes AND my skin. You have kept us very stylish, our bananas fresh and our dogs alive. Thank you, Patti. Someday we will meet, but in the meantime, we will keep worshiping your sage advice.

It’s such good knowledge we had to share with our loyal Carve followers:

1. Latisse eyelash formula really works

2. Put a damp wash cloth in the dryer and the wrinkles will magically disappear from your clothes

3. Take your omega 3’s – your skin will thank you as will your metabolism- especially if you are a vegan like some of us over here.

4. Stick your bananas in the fridge and they will stay firm and fresh- don’t worry the outside gets brown but the inside stays good.

5. Dogs are allergic to grapes- be careful!

6. Floss your teeth every day twice a day- you will live longer

7. Keep your stylish clothes forever because you never know when you will wear them again. Her daughter Carlee is wearing Patti’s prom shoes circa 1973.

We love you Patti Bewick. Thank you!

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