Friday, March 26, 2010

The Orginal Surf Chic

I was walking at the beach this morning and came across this beautiful sign:

It's the “Western Snowy Plover”. This has got to be the cutest bird ever, and so aptly named “The Original Surf Chic”. So, we did a little research and this is the deal with this little thing...It’s a small shorebird that has been living on the pacific coast for thousands of years. It nests in the sand, taking advantage of any cover it can find- driftwood, seaweed, shells or rocks. This bird is so small that it is commonly mistaken for a cotton ball. Not surprisingly, their livelihood is being compromised by us. Cars are crushing their homes and humans and dogs off the leash are chasing the birds away. Sadly, these birds are now endangered.

I'm not usually one to preach, but, seriously the Surf Chic devastation was making me sad. So, I spoke with our local Audubon chapter (, and here is what they said we all can do to help:

1.“Obey Signs and fences protecting nests” like the picture below at Ocean Beach.
2. “Take part in a beach clean –up”
3. Raise awareness among other surfers and beach dwellers” (hence this blog entry)
4. Notify authorities about any problems with plover nests
5. And lastly - take your dog to a park or dog friendly beach during nesting season.
I think this is pretty manageable and am hoping you think so too. These little Surfer Chics are way too cute to vanish from our beach.

Thanks for reading.

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